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the final stretch: a time capsule

Hi (current/future) friends, 

First of all, thank you for using your brain/eyeball energy to take a look at my work and read my words.  I don't take this honor lightly.  You're an important person with important sh*t to do. 

Polraroid heated under a hot Chemex of coffee during development. 

Polraroid heated under a hot Chemex of coffee during development. 

In two weeks, I start my final semester as a photography student at MATC (woot!).  This also involves the vaguely daunting task of compiling: *cue dramatic music* MY FINAL STUDENT PORTFOLIO.  

To put it lightly, this is actually a pretty big freaking deal for me. Through five years twists, turns, detours and a lot of hard work: I've figured out the thing that makes me want to wake up, brew some coffee, and hustle hard every day.  And come May, I'll have a piece of paper that says I'm qualified to do that thing and a body of work I'm proud of to back that up.  

Another fun fact, I take A LOT of photos.  Travel photos, street photos, candids of friends, film and other analog experiments: photos that are getting a wee bit sad just sitting on my hard drives and shoe boxes not seeing the light of day.  While these may not make the cut for professional porfolios or a curated social media presence, it is part of my process and how I stay visually inspired.  We've gotta have some room for fun and games, am I right? 

I hope you'll join me on the process. It's about to get real fun up in here. 


P.S. if you find yourself in the future friends category, get in touch! i'm always up to meet and photograph new friendly faces!