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Hi, I’m Jessi.

I’m a Fashion Photographer for Kohl’s Department Stores in Milwaukee, WI, specializing in fashion and editorial photography. My editorial work has been featured in Milwaukee Magazine over a dozen times, and can also be seen in the Shepherd Express, Wisconsin Gazette, Milwaukee Independent, and Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

In my practice, I empower subjects to explore opposing facets of their personalities – soft/edgy, masculine/feminine, playful/powerful – when they are in front of my camera lens. I’ve always been inspired by the electric, glitter-fueled world of David Bowie, and also find myself channeling his work into the images I create. I don’t conform to photography as a static art; instead I incorporate motion whenever I can.

When I’m not shooting photos, you can find me playing with my adorable hedgehog, Huxley. I am available for editorial assignments and motion projects, so feel free to drop me a line.


email: jessipaetzke@gmail.com